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Chemical Regulatory Handbooks

21/03/2016 12:48:09: Chemical Regulatory Handbooks

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The Biennial Dangerous Goods Roadshow

21/03/2016 09:58:01: The Biennial Dangerous Goods Roadshow. Hosted by Labeline International and promoted by our partners...

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IATA DGR 58th Edition 2017 Operator Variations Revisions

29/02/2016 09:28:39: IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations 58th Edition 2017 Operator Variations Revisions

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ICAO Confirmation of Prohibition of Lithium Ion Batteries as Cargo on passenger Aircraft

23/02/2016 10:48:06: ICAO Confirm that Lithium Ion Batteries, UN 3480 only, will be prohibited as cargo on passenger airc...

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VCA 31st Dangerous Goods Seminar

18/09/2015 09:14:14: VCA 31st Annual Dangerous Goods Seminar. Co-sponsored by Labeline International Ltd

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Chemical Supply / GHS

The Globally Harmonised System (GHS) is being implemented across the world under local or regional legislation. In Europe, it is covered under the European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP).

The legislation introduces new pictograms, accompanied by Hazard and Precautionary statements to replace the long-established orange symbols Risk and Safety phrases. Products will also show either “Danger” or “Warning” to indicate the severity of the hazard.

The deadline for adopting GHS labelling in EU, USA, Canada and Brazil was 1st June 2015.

This means that all classified products placed on the market in EU member states after this date will need to display the new style labels to comply.



Labelling Challenges

CLP does not allow for blank red diamonds to be displayed, so the continued use of a monochrome printer may require companies to manage a range of different background labels – or display unsightly blacked out areas.

The Solution

A simple solution could be to use a colour printer and blank background labels. This will offer the flexibility to adapt the design of the labels to accommodate the new regulations for each product line.

However, many inkjet or laser printers are not suitable for generating a resilient finish that will withstand the environment that the labels will be exposed to during transport and in use. Furthermore, the adhesive qualities of the labels need to be considered, especially when they are applied to drums, IBC’s etc., particularly if they are being transported by sea.

Labeline Total GHS Solution

Labeline is pleased to announce a distribution partnership with both OKI Printers and PCL Labels. Oki’s approved models will print GHS labels that are fully compliant if used in conjunction with PCL’s BS5609 Part 2 accredited base labels.

Chemical Regulatory Handbooks

Labeline is delighted to have been appointed the distributor of Safeware Quasar’s Regulatory Publications. Their range of easy-to-use handbooks come in a ring-bound format and cover the regulatory requirements for SDS authoring, classifying and labelling of chemicals. A new publication covering the complete REACH Regulation is due for release in the Summer of 2016.


For many years Labeline has been a primary reseller for DGOffice, the leading on-line software system for generating multi-modal transport documentation to comply with global regulations. Suitable for integration with enterprise solutions, such as SAP, DGOffice holds regulatory data from around the world. Recently, Safety Data Sheet authoring and GHS labelling modules have been added to DGOffice.

Sponsored by Labeline

The Biennial Dangerous Goods Roadshow

COSTHA Annual Forum & Expo

SafeCom Conferences 2016

VCA Seminar


BADGP’s AGM & Seminar

CBA Carriage of Dangerous Goods: The Basics


Member Associations

Labeline are IATA's ONLY authorised importer and distributor for the UK and Irish Republic.

Sales Agents


The ONLY approved and authorised distributor in the UK and Irish Republic for ALL Modes - Air, Sea, Road and Rail.

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