IATA’s 61st DG Regulations: – New Year = New Rules

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IATA’s 61st DG Regulations were published in December 2019 and will come into effect in January 2020. Labeline’s Key Accounts & Marketing Manager, Richard Shreeve, wrote an article for Truck and Track’s Winter 2019 Edition about the importance of keeping up to date with Dangerous Goods (DG) Regulations and the history of the legislation.

IATA's 61st DG Regulations - Truck and Track Winter 2019

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Labeline often hears from customers who’s goods have been delayed or snagged en-route because they didn’t have the most up to date documents. Keeping abreast of regulatory changes is vital to ensure compliance and prevent issues when transporting dangerous goods.

Every two years IATA publishes the most recent legislation to transporting goods by air. For IATA’s 61st DG regulations, Labeline offers the publications in regular or spiral bound book or downloadable format.

According to the article, Dangerous Goods Regulations for travelling by air have been in existence for many years in one form or another. However, in 1984, the ICAO Annex 18 became effective on “The Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air to the Chicago Convention”. This was “…subsequently renamed the ICAO Technical Instructions, the TI is published every two years in line with revisions to the other modes.

Richard states that “IATA first published their “Regulations relating to the carriage of restricted articles by air” back in 1956“. Now known as the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), it has been published every year since. The most recent being IATA’s 61st DG regulations.