Dangerous Goods Online Learning

Dangerous Goods Online Learning

…at home or in the office


CAA Approved online training

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to the cancellation of classroom courses and an unprecedented shift towards online training solutions. 

Until now, shippers of dangerous goods by air for UK and Ireland have been required to attend courses in person.  Labeline is pleased to offer the first CAA approved online training courses for Shippers (Category 1), Operators (Category 6) and shippers of Lithium Batteries.

All courses are suitable for both new students and those who require re-accreditation with CAA or IAA.

And for IMDG / ADR…

IMDG Dangerous Goods Online Learning

For those involved in the transport of dangerous goods, function specific online courses have long been available to meet the requirements of the IMDG Code and ADR.  This training is tailored for packers, consignors, shippers, loaders, operators and those who require general dangerous goods awareness training.   The tests to show competence are within the course material so there is no need to sit a separate exam. 

Labeline is pleased to offer a 10% discount on the IMDG Code online training courses until 30th June 2020.

Online training is both cost effective and flexible for employers, staff and the self-employed.  It gives candidates the opportunity to take the course at home and at any time.  Furthermore, the modules can be repeated as often as required to reinforce learning.