The e-way to complete Dangerous Goods’ Documents for Air, Sea, Road and Rail

Dangerous Goods' Documents via the web


  • Generate your Dangerous Goods’ Documents (DGD) for all modes without having to refer to your manuals with 1000s of pages.
  • Enter UN numbers or your own Product Codes.
  • See Packing Instructions, Special Provisions and images of Hazard labelling for each product.
  • Add consignee’s details (auto-saved).
  • Select package types, sizes and quantities.
  • Generate multi-language Drivers’ Instructions
  • Print your completed error-free DGD and email to all at the touch of a button.


Changes are happening in the way that Dangerous Goods’ Documents (DGD) are generated for all modes of transport.  Labeline regularly hears from customers who have had consignments snagged for submitting DG forms with errors, inaccuracies or hand writing.  

DGOffice is an intelligent software solution that saves a significant amount of time by classifying a consignment and self-populating pre-saved product information, such as UN No., pack sizes, packaging types, consignors’ addresses and other important data. It will highlight when Limited Quantity (LQ) thresholds are breached and, for air, calculate the Q values.

The transport industry is moving to digitise information flow via (e-Freight) and to maximise the potential of online resources. The air industry is leading the way and DGOffice is at the forefront of these developments across all transport modes.

Shipping lines are adopting these new protocols as the industry suffers approximately one container ship fire every 30 days. It has been shown that more complete dangerous goods data could reduce the likelihood of incidents such as the fire on MSC Flaminia, which claimed three lives, a massive loss of cargo and resulted in a $280m liability to companies.

Eventually all data will be paperless in formats such as the XML platform used in DGOffice. 

Assistance during COVID-19 Pandemic…

Each licence normally allows for one person to access the software at a time.  However, to help customers during this challenging time, all DGOffice accounts will temporarily have an unlimited number of concurrent users. This means that as many users as necessary can login and work anytime anywhere.

Labeline offers a 14-day no-obligation trial of the software – now extended to 30 days during the pandemic.