Online Training for the Dangerous Goods Industry

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In the Spring issue of Truck and Track Labeline’s Key Accounts and Marketing Manager, examines the switch to online training for the Dangerous Goods Industry. Due to the global COVID-19 Pandemic, many training providers are looking to digitise their training, and this industry is no exception.

Online training for the Dangerous Goods Industry - Truck and Track Spring 2020

The article states that until recently, although online training has been accessible for students of the Dangerous Goods Industry in the UK and Ireland, it has mainly been “…the preserve of road and rail.” “To meet the requirements for air, anyone shipping dangerous goods must a have a current certificate to show that they have passed an exam to demonstrate competency.

The air online training for the dangerous goods industry is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), in the UK, and the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) Air. Trainees must be keep their knowledge up to date and thus “…recurrent training must be provided every 24 months.” Traditionally this training would have taken place in a classroom.

Advantages of online training

  • cost effective – no venue or travel costs.
  • flexible – candidates can take the course at home and at any time.
  • modules can be repeated as often as required to reinforce learning.

Richard sums up the article by saying: “With the move towards competency-based training in the air industry, generic courses will not always be appropriate. Going forwards, online solutions will offer the flexibility to be modular and easily tailored to suit the role and specific requirements of individual candidates.

For some, the classroom environment will always be the preferred option as it brings in the benefit of the trainer’s experiences and interaction with other candidates. However, it is clear that, especially in these uncertain times, interest in online training is gathering momentum and may soon become the norm.”