About Labeline

Labeline is a worldwide distributor for all modes of Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA/DGOffice/ICAO/ UNADR/IMDG/ADN/RID/CFR), Dangerous Goods Hazard Labels, Handling Labels; including Limited Quantity (LQ) and Excepted Quantity Labels.

Labeline is the ONLY authorised distributor in the UK and Irish Republic for all modes – Air, Sea, Road and Rail. We maintain high levels of stock for next day delivery within the UK and USA and 1-2 day delivery internationally.

Labeline has been dedicated to the dangerous goods industry for over 25 years, earning recommendations from the leading air, sea, road and rail authorities.

Customer service and fast delivery to over 160 countries has established Labeline as one of the world’s leading suppliers for the complete range of multi-modal DG regulations, Dangerous Goods labels for packaging, placarding, containers, hazard and handling labels, DG software, Dangerous Goods documentation, DG packaging and training.

Picture: Dave Bolton Air Canada DG Manager (left) with Keith Kingham (right) President of Labeline International.

Labeline is a regular sponsor to the USA COSTHA events  


About our director and the journey

Managing Director, Keith Kingham in his early career was employed by British Airways for flight planning from Approach, Landing through to en-route structures for BA around the world. He then went on to specialise in Flight Information Regions and Aeronautical Information Services (FIR & AIS) for developing Middle Eastern airports and regions. He was also seconded through that period as an expert to lecture and teach Aeronautical Information Services to students in developing countries working with ICAO, DCA’s and the U.K. CAA. 
A subsidiary of BA, (IAL, Aviation Services) was then sold to British Telecom at a time when they were expanding their international communication business. Keith was hungry for bigger and better projects and BT capitalised on his talent as a capable and creative entrepreneur involving him in many airport services projects working with other management professionals from ATC, Airport Security, Ground Ops, Engineering, Communication, IATA airline DG shipments, high level bid presentations and airport construction and developments, no project was too big and gave him his grounding and management skills to develop Labeline International Ltd. 
Keith said, “The concept of Labeline was at a moment in time when I was working with the air transportation industry.  I found that looking and dealing with many agencies and government bodies was time consuming and there was a lack of knowledge of Dangerous Goods from those whom I was dealing with.
Then in 1992 Labeline was created as a “One stop Dangerous Goods service”.
In the late 80’s/90’s air transport shippers evolved, leading the industry with dangerous goods regulatory standards and it didn’t take too long to grasp the same issues were happening to all other transport modes. Labeline then became (possibly the first) International one stop service independent provider for Multi-Mode Dangerous Goods industry as a DG service and products provider.
Labeline has now been at the forefront to this industry for over 25 years, with the last 11 as the top performing distributor for IATA regulatory distribution worldwide, making Labeline the most successful regulatory leader for DG Multi-Mode transportation.
When we have enquiries from individuals who are unsure about Dangerous Goods Shipments our aim is to assist and educate in moving hazardous goods safely without incident, thats our job.
Labeline does not profess to be the cheapest service provider as our priority is compliance and safety and we aim to inform, assist and educate, together with supplying the needs of all who move dangerous goods. We support most DG events as well as running our own Biennial event in line with major changes. 
From the very start my aim was to produce a first class business to business service to this industry.  Be the best, be pro-active and never stop learning. 
Today I am pleased to say we trade with over 160 countries across all continents, providing our products and services to many thousands of companies worldwide.
We have been described as the Amazon to the Dangerous Goods industry and when you see a DG product on a vehicle, sea container or aircraft, Labeline usually has something to do with it. 
To sign off I would like to say thank you to all those individuals and companies that have supported and worked with Labeline throughout our years.”
Yours faithfully
K Kingham
Managing Director
Labeline International Ltd.   
USA – UK – Europe – Middle East – Australasia