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THE ONLY UK & REPUBLIC OF IRELAND AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR FOR IATA DGR and its other Air transport Publications. Labeline is also the only UK company to achieve authorised and approved distribution for all Dangerous Goods Multi-Mode regulatory publications.
Dedicated to the dangerous goods industry for over 25 years and earning recommendations from the leading Air, Sea, Road and Rail authorities, Labeline International is a worldwide distributor and one of the largest recognised specialists in the field of Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA/ICAO/ADR/IMDG/ UN/ADN/RID/CFR), performing as the leading independent regulatory distributor worldwide for the past 11 years.
Dangerous goods consignments are often snagged en route because they are incorrectly marked with non-compliant labels or there are errors with documentation. Labeline helps its customers reduce the risk of costly delays, or even fines, by maintaining high stock levels of compliant labels, marks and DG forms for immediate despatch. We supply DG software that makes seamless documentation generating compliant documentation.
Labeline operates a next day delivery service within the UK and US, normally 1-2-3 days for international deliveries, (depending on location), and free Worldwide shipping on selected items.
Our customer service and fast delivery to over 160 countries has established Labeline as one of the world’s leading suppliers for the complete range of Multi-Modal DG regulations, software, hazard and handling labels, placards, documentation, DG packaging and training.
When you need Dangerous Goods compliance, Labeline is your one stop for peace of mind.
USA – UK – Europe – Middle East – Australasia


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