ATA/IATA Reservations Interline Message Procedures (AIRIMP) 43rd Edition 2019, Download – Code IATA9188-43







Edition 43 English, Software for Windows

The sole reference source of universally agreed upon communications standards for the handling of Passenger Reservations Interline Messages. The AIRIMP standards are used in millions of transactions between Travel Agency and Airline systems and by Airline to Airline systems. The new edition of the AIRIMP 42nd has been updated with exciting new content and new features. The new AIRIMP is available in the IATA Desktop Reader for Windows application platform. The Reader makes it easy to access all your favourite IATA publications from a single, convenient location. The new AIRIMP on the Reader now interacts with the RSM allowing instant switching between both publications for most references via intelligent linking new capabilities! AIRIMP makes reference to other IATA documentation (PSCRM which contains the PADIS Message Standards Document).


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