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The world renowned software for generating compliant dangerous goods documentation for all modes of transport.  Now with e-freight options built in to enable electronic data transfer.

DGOffice is modular and subscribed to on an automatically renewed annual subscription basis.  Every user must purchase the Core Module then choose the appropriate transport modes (click on the links to see short tutorial videos):

Additional Modules

Language Module Enables DG documents, including Drivers’ Checklists and Instructions in Writing, to be printed in 30 languages.

Document Archive Where you can keep all the transport documents that you generate filed within DGOffice.

Own Articles This holds data on the consignments previously raised so you can readily access product information from your portfolio to populate a new DGN.

Address Labels To print address labels containing UN Number, Proper Shipping Name and addresses for the Shipper and Consignee. There is a Label Wizard incorporated to enable you to tailor the label content to fit the size you require, add your company logo etc.

Statistics Keeps all the data relating to your shipments – ideal for DGSA reports.

E-Freight This allows for internal and external transfer of electronic messages containing basic dangerous goods information and detailed packaging and marking information for each shipment. The standard version is included in all subscriptions. SDS Authoring, Translating and GHS Labelling Tried and tested software used throughout the world to generate compliant safety data sheet. Click here for a short tutorial video.

Click here to see an overview of the software’s capabilities.


You can have as many users as you like for each licence although only one user can access the software at any one time.  Additional licences can be purchased to give you the flexibility to enable more than one user to access DGOffice simultaneously.  DGOffice can also be held on your intranet or accessed via your company’s enterprise system.

DGOffice also has Safety Data Sheet and GHS Authoring software which will generate SDS and labels to meet global supply regulations.

To find out more please contact our sales team.

Prices shown below are for the first year’s subscription for a single licence – for the second and subsequent years, the subscription is normally around 60% less!

Minimum package is the Core module with at least one transport module.

From: £31.50