IATA World Air Transport Statistics PLUS (WATS+) 2020 Electronic (PDF & Year Airline Data), Download – Code IATA8288-64







World Air Transport Statistics PLUS (WATS+) 2020 Electronic (PDF & 2 Year Airline Data) (Web Download)

Have a complete statistical picture of the airline industry in 2020 with the current edition of the World Air Transport Statistics (WATS). This collection draws from over half a century of experience to assemble the key figures of more than 250 airlines, including low cost carriers. New contents in WATS+ include: top nationalities of travelling passengers globally; top 10 nationalities of passengers travelling out of top 10 countries by traffic; ASK, number of seats, and number of flights, % change of all three metrics from the previous year with the following breakdowns: By aircraft type, by airline type (leisure, low cost, traditional/network carrier), Individual airline’ revenues with further breakdown than before (in WATS standard version we have airline total operating revenue, operating expense, operating profit, net result, total yield, and unit costs), WATS+ has in addition: Ticket sales, Ancillary, Freight/Mail, Others We have also added a breakdown of airline cost (WATS has this at the industry level only): Flight crew salaries and expenses, Fuel and oil, Flight equipment insurance, Flight equipment rentals, MRO, Depreciation and Amortisation, User charges, Station expenses, Passenger Services, Ticketing Sales, and Promotion, General and Admin, Totals


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