IMDG Code e-Learning Advanced Course Options

This course is for those with advance level competence who require detailed knowledge on all the main aspects of the IMDG Code provisions, for example dangerous goods managers or Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers. The Advanced Course includes all function specific modules.

“I found the IMDG course excellent from Labeline. I took the advanced course and was surprised / impressed by the detail. This is not a course that you would take on and expect to pass it without a great deal of work and thinking. There is no point taking any sort of educational course without you being tested – this does – also, the course brings to the fore the practicalities of shipping, port responsibilities and ultimately the most important issue, safety to all for the whole operation. Should you wish to gain an IMDG qualification I whole heartedly recommend this course.”
Alexander Smith
BMK Animal Health

Courses will be set up on the IMDG Code e-learning administrator system.

For more than 10 people, please contact our sales department for a quote.

From: £32.00