Instructions in Writing according to ADR – Code ADR/DRIV1

“Instructions in writing”

The instructions in writing according to ADR have replaced the previously used Tremcards.

These instructions shall be provided by the carrier to the vehicle crew in language(s) that each member can read and understand before the commencement of the journey. The carrier shall ensure that each member of the vehicle crew concerned understands and is capable of carrying out the instructions properly.

Before the start of the journey, the members of the vehicle crew shall inform themselves of the dangerous goods loaded and consult the instructions in writing for details on actions to be taken in the event of an accident or emergency.

The ADR countries are required to adapt the instructions in writing by 1 January 2011. Carriers must replace the tremcards in all vehicles at the latest by 1 July 2011

Labeline will continue to provide Tremcards upon request if still required. Please contact sales for more information

*Minimum order quantity of 10*