IATA World Air Transport Statistics (WATS) 2019-20, Hard Copy Book – Code IATA9011-63







World Air Transport Statistics (WATS) 2019 (Hard Copy Book) – Available to Order

Key Aviation Statistics are compiled in the WATS – a comprehensive and up-to-date reference compendium for air transport data. These include a study of the industry’s performance in areas such as traffic, financial, safety and security, and the environment, as well as airline and airport rankings.

Have a complete statistical picture of the airline industry with the current edition of the World Air Transport Statistics (WATS). This collection draws from over half a century of experience to assemble the key figures of more than 250 airlines, including low cost carriers.

What WATS can do for you

  • Benchmark airlines
  • Evaluate the impact of strategic planning decisions
  • Identify opportunities to increase business
  • Identify and analyze risks
  • Present value-add facts about your airline

Who’s it for?

  • Airline strategic decision-makers or planners
  • Aviation consultants or market analysts
  • Airports, Ground Handlers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Airline Corporate Communications or HR
  • Aviation Suppliers
  • Other aviation industry partner


How does it help?

WATS includes detailed airline performance figures that can be easily imported to Excel to enable comparison and customized analysis of the competitive landscape of air transport. It also presents top performer statistics in clear tables for quick identification of the information that matters to you. Finally, it provides a statistical overview and analysis of the aviation market, with salient points presented graphically and highlighted for quick understanding.

Why choose WATS?

The numbers in WATS are submitted directly to IATA by approximately 270 international airlines making it an extremely accurate reference; some of the data is even exclusive to IATA. The reports by IATA’s world-renowned industry experts provide privileged insight to those statistics, based on unparalleled inside knowledge.

The electronic versions include the full WATS report in pdf format, as well as appendices A, B, C in excel format.

The 10 year data versions include the full WATS report in pdf format as well as: Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPK), Available Seat-Kilometres (ASK), Passenger Load Factor, Freight Tonne-Kilometres, Freight Load Factor, Revenue Tonne-Kilometres, Available Tonne-Kilometres, Weight Load Factor, Airline rankings by RPK, # of Passengers, FTK, amount of Freight tonnes, in excel format.


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