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The Safe Transport of Lithium Batteries Courses

Essential training for anyone involved in the classification, packing or preparation of lithium ion or lithium metal batteries for transport by air.

Lithium Battery legislation is complex and evolving.  It is becoming more and more critical for those preparing consignments of lithium batteries to get it right.

Labeline is delighted to have Geoff Leach and Ross McLachlan as our Trainers for this highly specialised subject: 

  • Geoff is the former Head of the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority’s Dangerous Goods Office, a past Chairman of the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel, on which he still sits, and is the current Chair of the IATA Lithium Battery Workshops.
  • Ross was in the CAA’s Dangerous Goods Office, working with Geoff, for 20 years.  He became the Policy Specialist for the CAA and is a former member of the ICAO DG Panel.

As both are former regulators they helped draft some of the legislation and can, therefore, give candidates an in-depth understanding of the reasons behind the regulations.

The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations state that personnel involved in the transport of dangerous goods must “be trained in the requirements commensurate with their responsibilities.”  This training must be function specific, include familiarisation with the general provisions and cover safe handling and the hazards presented by dangerous goods. Labeline’s courses cover all of the criteria in depth and can help to recognise where companies have gaps in their procedures and operations.

Delegates will come away with the knowledge to find and use information in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) so as to prepare correctly a consignment of lithium batteries for air transport. The risk of shipments being held for having inaccurate documentation, incorrect classification or for being wrongly packaged or labelled, are greatly reduced. The course includes practical problem solving and interactive discussions.

This CAA-certificated course gives delegates the knowledge they need to be fully aware of the issues relating to the handling and distribution of lithium batteries.

Current Dates

15th / 16th May 2018
11th / 12th September 2018
Location: The Beehive, Gatwick.

1st February 2018 (One day Refresher Course)

Contact: compliance@labeline.com

Other Dangerous Goods Training

Labeline also offers the following courses:


  • Shipper / Refresher (3 / 2 days)
  • Operator / Refresher (3 / 2 days)


  • Limited Quantity (2 Days)
  • DG Awareness (1 Day)
  • Extinguishers and gasses (2 Days)
  • Cosmetics (2 Days)
  • Aerosols (1 Day).

The Air aspect of each of these courses has been accredited by CAA. All courses can be held at your premises for up to 12 candidates.  

This CAA-certificated course gives delegates the knowledge they need to be fully aware of the issues relating to the handling and distribution of dangerous goods.

Contact Richard Shreeve for a quotation at compliance@labeline.com